Gold Indian 0.5 oz


  • Gold content: 0.48375 troy oz
  • Gross weight: 16.718 g
  • Composition: 90% Gold 10% Copper
  • Denomination: $ 10
  • Coin diameter: 26.92 mm
  • Mint dates: 1907 – 1933
  • Mint marks: D, S, None (Philadelphia Mint)


Saint-Gaudens based his head of Liberty on a model that he had sculpted but not used for the statue of Victory in the William Tecumseh Sherman Monument in New York City, still believing that the design would be considered for the cent. The bust of Harriet Eugenia Anderson also inspired Saint-Gaudens in his model and bas-relief ΝΙΚΗ ΕΙΡΗΝΗ (Greek for victory and peace).The obverse has a left-facing bust of Liberty wearing an Indian feather headdress; 13 stars surmount the design. His reverse design was an eagle standing on a sheaf of arrows with an olive branch at its feet; This was his original concept for the reverse of the double eagle, and it bears a close similarity to his reverse for the inaugural medal. His ultimate inspiration for the reverse, by one account, was a coin of Ptolemy I of Egypt portraying a standing eagle which was illustrated in a book that he owned and had lent to Roosevelt.


The Indian $10 Gold 0.5 oz was minted by the Denver, San Francisco and Philadelphia Mint.

Quality Guarantee

Guaranteed by the Federal Government, Indian $10 Gold 0.5 oz coins are globally respected for their quality and purity.